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These acts do not bind me, Oh Arjuna, sitting like one indifferent, unattached to those acts.Under me as supervisor, nature produces the moving and the unmoving; because of this, Oh Arjuna, the world revolves.
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 Sumpolites | Creating A National League for Democracy
 Hindu seer facing finance crisis
 Malaysia could be another Lanka: Hindraf leader
 An Urgent Appeal To Hindu Brothers & Sisters
 The Kanchi Conundrum
 CBI may probe Kanchi seer"s arrest
 Asaram Bapu never met women alone, not addicted to opium, cl...
 False Allegation about Kanchi seer Nepal fly
 In The Wake of Centuries-old Invasions, Half-Hindus Are Left...
 Somnath Temple to Become a Golden Temple Again
 Cong targets award to RSS outfit, forgets it honoured it too
 In present scenario, Advani cant become PM: Govindacharya
 VHP drive for mass conversion
 Scarred and homeless, Christians begin to reconvert
 Hindus Will Not Get Kashmir Land
 Digg's Google Reader replacement will arrive in a few months...
 Award named after Gandhi to RSS outfit raises eyebrows
 Senthils sons wedding and Goundamani
 Intellectuals Forum for Pro-Hindu Government in India
 Ahmedabad tense after more communal skirmishes
 Bangalores wedding of the year: Infy Murthy daughter
 Tamil Nadu: Dalit Christians embrace Hinduism
 Belief in Reincarnation Spreads Hinduism in America
 Build 'Amarnath House' on lines of 'Haj House:' Thackeray
 Courted by BJP & Co., SASS defiant in Delhi
 India headed for a political crisis as Indian President plan...
 Too bold for Cong, not BJP
 Hang him if hes a terrorist: Bashirs father
 URA on Modi: Take back words, would not "leave India"
 Christian schools attacked in Jaipur, Ahmedabad
 Sri Sri calls for end to violence over Kashmir land row
 Go Modi, in spite of Advani
 Women in Gujarat decisively voted against Sonia Gandhi?s pro...
 New age RSS
 Hindus Aren't Laughing at Times Of India Piece on Lord Siva
 Villagers furious with Christian Missionaries
 ‘Good boy’ Modi is bad news to Cong
 Royalty snub for Priyanka
 Muzaffarnagar riots have left Gujarat far behind: Rashid Alv...
 BJP smells ‘unholy’ plot
 The BJP's future: What lies ahead for Narendra Modi
 Narayanan bombshell
 "Om Namah Jesus" Resounds in India's Catholic Churches
 Aishwarya Rai to speak in Tamil
 US Indians rally to revise history texts
 Seer against India as Hindu nation
 Microsoft extends support to RSS
 Behave or get raped: Sena
 Double trouble for BJP
 And Now It's U.R. Ananthamurthy V/s BJP

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 Story of Upamanyu
 China's support to Pak terrorists will cost it dearly
 Today?s Hindu Calendar ? July 3, 2015 ? Tithi, Vrat, Good Ti...
 Whatever happens, Jaya will return to power in 2016
 PM wishes doctors and CAs on Doctor's Day and CA Day
 PM greets the people of Canada on Canada Day
 PM reviews progress of National Highway Programmes
 Bobby Jindal's identity crisis
 PM writes to President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
 Representatives of Global Poverty Project call on PM
 Varanasi Gets Glowing!
 National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2...
 National Skill Development Mission
 Common Norms for Skill Development Schemes implemented by Go...
 Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yoiana (PMKSY)
 Kadu Malleswara Temple Dedicated to Shiva in Bangalore
 Kumbh Rashi July 2015 ? Kumbha Rasi Predictions ? Aquarius Z...
 Meena Rashi July 2015 ? Meena Rasi Predictions ? Pisces Zodi...
 Having a high ideal in life helps one develop initiative ? S...
 Today?s Hindu Calendar ? July 2, 2015 ? Tithi, Vrat, Good Ti...
 PM expresses grief at loss of lives in accident in Madhya Pr...
 Dhanu Rashi July 2015 ? Dhanu Rasi Predictions ? Sagittarius...
 Makar Rashi July 2015 ? Makara Rasi Predictions ? Capricorn ...
 Story of the birth of King Prithu
 PM condoles the loss of lives due to the landslides in Darje...
 Pushkara in Hinduism
 Anasara ? Sacred Ceremony in Puri Jagannath Temple
 Are we a nation of thieves?
 Is India forever condemned to live with corruption?
 Flag Hoisted Atop Puri Jagannath Temple
 Biggest Edition of Bhagavad Gita with Paintings by Srinivas ...
 Tula Rashi July 2015 ? Tula Rasi Predictions ? Libra Zodiac ...
 Vrischika Rashi July 2015 ? Vrischik Rasi Predictions ? Scor...
 Lessons from Maitrayaniya Upanishad
 Today?s Hindu Calendar ? July 1, 2015 ? Tithi, Vrat, Good Ti...
 PM expresses sadness over the news of plane crash in Indones...
 CII Delegation calls on PM
 FICCI Delegation calls on PM
 BRICS Summit: Opportunities for India, Russia and China
 Simha Rashi July 2015 ? Simha Rasi Predictions ? Leo Zodiac ...
 Kanya Rashi July 2015 ? Kanya Rasi Predictions ? Virgo Zodia...
 Brihaspati in the Vedas
 Bernhard Gerwert, CEO, Airbus Defence and Space, calls on PM
 Chinese Language Translation of Bhagavad Gita Published
 Mithuna Rashi July 2015 ? Mithun Rasi Predictions ? Gemini Z...
 Karka Rashi July 2015 ? Kark Rashi Predictions ? Cancer Zodi...
 Tapovan Maharaj on the Greatness of Bhakti
 Today?s Hindu Calendar ? June 30, 2015 ? Tithi, Vrat, Good T...
 PM congratulates Indian badminton players Jwala Gutta and As...
 PM writes to the Prime Minister of Finland
 Chandradityeshwar Mahadev ? Chandradityeshwar Form of Shiva
 Vrishabha Rashi July 2015 ? Rishabh Rasi Predictions ? Tauru...
 Gudimallam Shivling ? one of the earliest known idols of a H...
 Lord Shiva as Pashupati - About Pashupati form of Shiva
 Mesha Rashi July 2015 ? Mesha Rasi Predictions ? Aries Zodia...

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